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AARDI works in social and environmental substainability domains. We Focus on carbon and water footprints. We facilitate carbon offsetting for emitters.
AARDI is a platform for non-dualist (Advaita) vedanta discourses and self realisation (Atmabodha/Brahmajnana) inititative through knowledge and meditation.
Alliance for Advanced Research & Development Initiatives
aardi: Alliance for Advanced Research & Development Initiatives, India
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AADRI facilitates Rural Businesses for corporate and agri-business firms. Interested rural business organizations can contact the President for suitable knowledge creation and business facilitation guidelines in vertical and horizontal rural value chains.

Center for promotion of Art & crafts in collaboration with AARDI will conduct a painting camp in November 2012. Upcoming artists will participate in the five day camp which involves paintings in canvass in exotic natural environments. The theme of the camp is ‘Art for cohesive and peaceful social co-existence’. Artists from south and eastern part of India will participate in the camp. The artists will teach the rural children of the basics of paintings during the camp and explore the art market for the promotion of Indian arts and paintings globally. Interested individuals, institutions and organizations can contact for participation, patronage and sponsorships. Sponsors will be given a painting of their choice before the paintings are put in for public exhibition.
I.   Policy Forum
Setting agenda for the state level reforms in Agriculture for establishing sustainable agri-business value chains. This proactive group facilitates policy prescriptions to be initiated by states in the respective domains by mobilizing stake holder views and suggestions. Currently documenting the status of states in the reforms in the agriculture sector – stakeholders are to respond with views and suggestions.
Policy Rationalization to push agribusinesses - initiates to take up the case of agribusinesses in India to enhance its link with Asian, European and US markets. It is currently mobilizing for policy advocacy – by creating knowledge and disseminating it among the global stake holders. In this context we invites policy suggestions from agribusiness companies in India and abroad to put forth their points with sufficient supporting material and the clear justification for the policy alternatives. Each input will be handled confidentially and communicated for clarifications (if not convinced) before incorporated in the policy advocacy document.
II.  Knowledge Bank
Accelerating the commercialization of Bio-Fuels - Bio-fuel value chains needs to be pulled up to establish a sustainable and viable alternative to fossil fuels. Look forward to have a stake holders interaction to clear up the vagueness of the sector- identify the information gap and the knowledge domain. Bio-fuel companies are invited to share the information which can act as a source to remove the mental block among the farmers and the resource block to processors.
» AARDI launches virtual interactive stakeholder platforms to share thought leadership.