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AARDI works in social and environmental substainability domains. We Focus on carbon and water footprints. We facilitate carbon offsetting for emitters.
AARDI is a platform for non-dualist (Advaita) vedanta discourses and self realisation (Atmabodha/Brahmajnana) inititative through knowledge and meditation.
Alliance for Advanced Research & Development Initiatives
aardi: Alliance for Advanced Research & Development Initiatives, India
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AADRI facilitates Rural Businesses for corporate and agri-business firms. Interested rural business organizations can contact the President for suitable knowledge creation and business facilitation guidelines in vertical and horizontal rural value chains.

Center for promotion of Art & crafts in collaboration with AARDI will conduct a painting camp in November 2012. Upcoming artists will participate in the five day camp which involves paintings in canvass in exotic natural environments. The theme of the camp is ‘Art for cohesive and peaceful social co-existence’. Artists from south and eastern part of India will participate in the camp. The artists will teach the rural children of the basics of paintings during the camp and explore the art market for the promotion of Indian arts and paintings globally. Interested individuals, institutions and organizations can contact for participation, patronage and sponsorships. Sponsors will be given a painting of their choice before the paintings are put in for public exhibition.
Profile of AARDI Advisory Board
Dr. Bodo Steiner
Dr. Steiner is Assistant Porfessor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, Department of Rural Economy. His research interests fall in to three areas-value chain management and contracting issues, Entrepreneurship, alliances and regional clustering, Marketing, consumer choice and risk perceptions. He combines his contributions to global value chain domains through high quality research, publications as well as strategic partnerships.
Dr.Stephen Devadoss
Prof Devadoss teaches Agricultural Economics at University of Idaho, United States of America. His major areas of interest are Agriculture Trade and Policy issues with greater emphasis on developing world.  He has high level of policy advocacy and strategic influence in the global trade and economic policy circles.
Margurite Thiessen
Margurite is a Value Chain Specialist with the Processing Industry Business development Branch at Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Canada. Margurite Thiessen has worked with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for twenty years, the last nine focused on value chain development.  Margurite was a member of the team involved with the Alberta Value Chain Initiative, a joint venture between the Agriculture and Food Council, Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The team won a Silver Premier’s Award of Excellence in 2008.  Margurite leads the value chain unit and works with teams to assist Agri-food firms to evaluate value chain options.  Work includes mapping the supply chain to discover key opportunities or inefficiencies, identifying potential to deliver customer value through partnering, connecting partners, experts and funding to secure success and support the implementation of value chain plans with valuable training and resources.
Dr. Iddo Dror
Dr. Iddo is the Director (Operations) of the Micro Insurance Academy, a Delhi-based charitable trust dedicated to evidence-based studies, training and advisory services for micro-insurance units serving the poor. He has over a decade of experience in various sectors working in four continents, including experience consulting large international organizations as well as grassroots NGOs on micro-insurance, risk management, international trade and management issues, and agri based systems for value creation and linkages.  He is Co-chair of the Insurance Education working group of the Micro Insurance Network, and a member of the Group of the Microfinance Community for the United Nations Solution Exchange.
Dr. Ramu Govindasamy
Dr. Govindasamy is currently a professor of Agricultural Marketing at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.  He is also an Associate Director at the Food Policy Institute and at the New Use Agriculture & Natural Plant Products Program, Rutgers University.  Dr. Govindasamy is well known internationally, nationally and regionally for his scholarly and outreach activities in Agricultural Marketing.  He served as the Chair for the Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics during 2008-09 at Rutgers University.  He was elected to serve on the board of directors for the Food Distribution Research Society in the United States.  He also served as the editorial board member for the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review and The Journal of Food Distribution Research Society.  Dr. Govindasamy was awarded the Presidential Emerging Leadership Award by the Food Distribution Society in October of 2004.