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AARDI works in social and environmental substainability domains. We Focus on carbon and water footprints. We facilitate carbon offsetting for emitters.
AARDI is a platform for non-dualist (Advaita) vedanta discourses and self realisation (Atmabodha/Brahmajnana) inititative through knowledge and meditation.
Alliance for Advanced Research & Development Initiatives
aardi: Alliance for Advanced Research & Development Initiatives, India
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AADRI facilitates Rural Businesses for corporate and agri-business firms. Interested rural business organizations can contact the President for suitable knowledge creation and business facilitation guidelines in vertical and horizontal rural value chains.

Center for promotion of Art & crafts in collaboration with AARDI will conduct a painting camp in November 2012. Upcoming artists will participate in the five day camp which involves paintings in canvass in exotic natural environments. The theme of the camp is ‘Art for cohesive and peaceful social co-existence’. Artists from south and eastern part of India will participate in the camp. The artists will teach the rural children of the basics of paintings during the camp and explore the art market for the promotion of Indian arts and paintings globally. Interested individuals, institutions and organizations can contact for participation, patronage and sponsorships. Sponsors will be given a painting of their choice before the paintings are put in for public exhibition.
Recent Research Projects of AARDI


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State Planning Commission- Tamil Nadu SPC-TN

Block perspective plan – SBGF (Thalawadi, TN). Assessing the impact of government support in rural farming systems for renewed thrust.
Estimating the efficiency of the PVP interventions in selected blocks of Tamil Nadu for a strategic way forward.
Estimating the asset creation and convergence Under MNREGS for sustainable livelihood options.

Oct 2013  - continuing



Knowledge management in the farm risks and market linkages for establishing farmer oriented enterprises.

October, 2013- continuing


Inter-cooperation- India

Impact evaluation and Base line study of agriculture interventions in North east India and Myanmar: Farmer producer as well as SHG models.

Nov 2013 – till date


MS Swaminathan research Foundation (MSSRF/LANSA

Leveraging agriculture for Nutrition security –a synthesis and assessing the pulses program under the India-morocco legumes initiative

Feb 2014 continuing


Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) New Delhi

Consultant organization for facilitating preparation of DPRs under the project development Facility- FPOs

June 2014 continuing


Fair trade International

Assessing the scope of establishing sustainable  sugar industry through fair-trade businesses in the Indian market

October 2014 continuing